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Tell Idaho House to Not Let Gun Manufacturers be Sued!

Senate Bill 1253 has just passed the Idaho Senate.

The bill lays the groundwork for firearm manufacturers to be sued. While this bill deals with cell phone manufacturers not protecting kids from pornography, the same justification used for suing the cell phone manufacturers, who didn’t even create the content, is the same justification used by gun grabbers to sue firearm manufacturers.

We cannot lay the groundwork for a future bill, legislature, judge, or anyone else to use the justification for lawsuits against manufacturers in this bill, to support an effort to sue firearm manufacturers here.

Tell the Idaho House State Affairs Committee to vote against SB 1253 and protect firearm manufacturers from future lawsuits!

Note: Once you hit send on the action item, you are done and good to go! You will be taken to a page to donate to the ISAA but that is not required for the action item to happen. We certainly encourage donations to help us fight these issues, and can’t do it without them. So, if you can afford $100, $50, or $25 to help us get more gun owners to fight SB 1253, that would be greatly appreciated!

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