Take Action on 2A Legislation in Idaho Now!

The new Gun Owner Action Center is alive and rocking!

And it’s just in time too as pro-2nd Amendment legislation in the capitol is moving quickly.

There are already several action items that we need you to do right away!

First, Sen. Scott Herndon has a bill that will help protect your right to defend yourself on public property, such as parks. You can take action on that bill by clicking here, and telling your State Senator to vote for the bill!

Second, Sen. Tammy Nichols has a bill that will provide some funding for firearm training in K-12 schools if you purchase a Gadsden flag license plate! You can tell your State Senator to support that bill by clicking here!

There are other items you can take action on by clicking on “Take Action” at the top of the website!

Another critical thing you can do to help the fight for the 2nd Amendment in Idaho is by sharing this information with other gun owners in our state who don’t know about our organization.

Thank you for your help!