Gun Rights & Ranked Choice Voting

Gun Rights & Ranked Choice Voting

Before we get into the details of Ranked Choice Voting and the threat it poses to your gun rights, please watch and share this ad we made (more content below):

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The big question for Idaho’s gun owners is, why are they pushing RCV in our state, and what impact will it have on your right to keep and bear arms?

First, recognize that the liberals fighting for RCV believe it will help them implement more gun control. Check out this image of a gun grabbers (using a phony handle) who bragged about it on X (formerly Twitter):

Of course, this far-left extremist is wrong, because Idahoans don’t want gun control. In fact, gun owners are increasingly joining our camp of “no compromise” when it comes to the 2nd Amendment.

That’s why they have to try and cheat our election system. They want to cause confusion for voters and do anything they can to get more liberals elected.

Rigged Choice Voting is confusing for voters and undermines the American way of “one vote for one person.” Despite claims by proponents of the system, it cuts down on participation.

RCV is so bad, that even Democrats in blue states are trying to get rid of it.

Ironically, the only states where there are major pushes to pass RCV, are in red states, where the far-left policies aren’t welcome.

Additional Resources:

Ranked Choice Education Association (Great books and videos on the dangers of RCV. Click here.

We’re fighting to protect the 2nd Amendment in 2024 – will you join us in the fight?