Accomplishments Overview


2016: Passed Constitutional Carry
SB 1389 was not full Constitutional Carry as the ISAA had proposed, but was the culmination of four long years of fighting in Boise to get the requirement for a permit removed.

2018: Passed a Codification of Stand-Your-Ground
After the initial passage of Constitutional Carry, the ISAA began pushing expansion of Idaho’s Stand-Your-Ground law. The legislature ended up codifying what was in existing case law, but refused to expand the law to include criminal immunity, which is the fight the ISAA is now pushing.

2019: Passed an expansion of Constitutional Carry
The bill, sponsored by Sen. Christy Zito, expanded Constitutional Carry which lowered the age limit to carry a handgun with no permit from 21 years old, to 18 years old.

2020: Passed another expansion of Constitutional Carry
The bill, also sponsored by Sen. Christy Zito, expanded Constitutional Carry for a final time, expanding it to include all Americans, and not just Idaho citizens.

Overturning City/County Firearm Regulations

The ISAA started a project in 2013 called the “Preemption Project”

The goal was to ensure that Idaho’s cities and counties were complying with Idaho’s firearm preemption law.

To date, the ISAA has helped overturn or correct nearly 90 violations of the firearm preemption statute.

You can read more details about the project here.

Stopping Gun Control

Idaho is unique in that there are rarely any full blown gun control laws proposed. Even Democrat legislators don’t ever propose gun control, because the odds of a bill such as “Red Flag laws,” falsely labeled “Assault Weapons Bans,” and other unconstitutional and ineffective law are likely not to see the light of day.

However, the ISAA closely watches the legislature and speaks out against issues that could have a detrimental impact on gun owners.

For instance, in 2019, the ISAA spoke out against a proposal known as “Marsy’s Law,” which as written at the time, contained similar language to Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders. The proposal was killed by the legislature.

In 2023, the legislature was discussing a bill that would allow Idahoans to sue mobile phone manufacturers over pornography issues. The ISAA raised concerns that using the logic of suing the manufacturer, not of the pornography, but of the device itself, would lay the ground work for gun manufacturers to be sued in Idaho. The proposal was killed by the legislature.

Elected Official Accountability

EXPOSED Gun-Grabbers in the Legislature; using direct mail, email, radio/TV ads, digital and internet ads, and a door-to-door lit dropping program. This educational program has led to DOZENS of anti-gun moderates being removed from office!

We’re fighting to protect the 2nd Amendment in 2024 – will you join us in the fight?