ISAA Launches 3 New Ads to Expose Gun Grabbers

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has launched three new ads exposing gun grabbers in Idaho.

The first is Rep. Rod Furniss (R-Rigby), also known as “Red Flag Rod.” Furniss has expressed support for Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders, then did a video trying to say he doesn’t support them while actually saying they are a good thing.

Furniss then attacked the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and said if you oppose Red Flag laws, then you support beating women and children.

Here is the ad exposing Furniss for his anti-2nd Amendment stances:

The second ad exposes Sean Coletti.

Coletti serves as the Ammon Mayor (near Idaho Falls) and is probably the most liberal, anti-gun Republican candidate the state has ever seen.

Coletti even deleted his Twitter account right before launching his campaign. He is openly anti-2nd Amendment.

Here is the ad exposing Coletti:

Rep. Julie Yamamoto (R-Caldwell) campaigned as a conservative. However, in Yamamoto’s first term, she has gone full Democrat in her voting record.

Included in her liberal voting record was a vote against HB 415, which would have allowed more staff at schools, including teachers, the ability to defend themselves.

Yamamoto was one of five Republicans to vote against the measure.

Here is the ad holding Yamamoto accountable for her actions: